Graphic Design Sketchbook Sketchbook. Key design elements of the “sketchbook” graphic design trend include single-line doodles and rudimentary mark-making creating quick, expressive motifs, as though scanned from a sketchbook. This style highlights the emerging trend for handcrafted designs. Creating the Impossible Creating the Impossible. When someone says photo manipulation, most people tend to think of the typical model edited to look super skinny, to the point where it looks like she will snap in half with her new body proportions. Here, we’re talking about creating extreme photo manipulations that are truly fascinating and fun! Mix Art Mix Art. This is a rare combination of the mixture of several arts between illustrations and physical objects in order to extract from it what is supposed to be a compelling piece of creative design. This might be one of the key trends in graphic design in 2015 that we will notice in many 3-dimensional graphics. Optical Illusions Optical Illusions. This one seems to be becoming prevalent this year, with numerous companies adding visual trickery to their branding in order to get people’s attention and keep them engaged. Ethereal Pastels Ethereal Pastels. Recently, a handful of superb game titles have pushed gaming trends towards the more experimental ‘relax-em-up’ type of game. To suit these, an almost unique brand of ethereal, vivid landscape imagery was created to mirror the gameplay. Branding Geometric Shapes Geometric Shapes. We loved geometric shapes in 2014, but in 2015 we love them even more, because they are trend. Among them the hexagon stands out above all; it can be for its natural and perfect proportion or the order transmitted, but this is the geometric figure par excellence. Flat Design Flat Design. We like the flat design and the best thing for us is that it remains trend every year. If something works, why change it? Moreover, in logos we find the flat design represented in several ways. Animals Animals. It is well known that most animals reflect qualities and sometimes we use them as a reference when we praise a feature. Thus, it can be a good resource that the image of our brand is reflected in an animal that has those qualities. Single Color Lines Single Color Lines. If you like simple things, this is your design. We do not need many strokes to say many things, so sometimes a line can represent everything we want. This line may be of one colour for printing on a flat bottom or on a background image. Overlap Overlap. A new technique is recently introduced where two design elements overlap each other with shading to form a shadowed logo design. Web and Mobile Google Map Embed Google Map Embed. Google maps are becoming a standard on many websites.  Giving customers a visual location of your business, is a great way to encourage people to visit your location. Split Screen Split Screen. One of the more interesting design trends is the split-screen layout, in which some kind of vertical break divides portions of the page into two or more parts. This layout is ideal for companies that have two valuable products, services, or angles they want to promote. Hidden Menus Hidden Menus. The trend toward greater simplicity has inspired many designers to hide their site menus behind buttons and tabs. The menu is only revealed when the mouse hovers over the icon. Immersive Interaction Immersive Interaction. When it comes to interactive design, one of the most popular concepts is animation and animated effects. Other emerging trends are interactive web graphics and micro interactions. Direct Email Direct Email. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of prominent bloggers like Tim Ferriss move their focus away from social and into good old fashioned email lists. They’ve realized that email has one significant advantage over social: a much higher percentage of people will see what you send them. Motion Design Non-Photorealistic Rendering Non-Photorealistic Rendering. Animation professionals are relying more and more on NPR rather than CG animation. They are using 3D software to create an impressionistic animation that’s similar to hand-drawn media. Hand-Drawn Hybrids Hand-Drawn Hybrids. While it may take a little more time and effort, there’s a unique charm that comes from hand-drawn animation, even if it’s simulated. It’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing more hand-drawn style animations as the year progresses. This effect is commonly used to morph one shape or subject into another – a smooth and powerful motion technique. Vector Organics Vector Organics. Essentially, vector organics are a 2D flat design style that is used to emulate organic objects in nature: plants, water, lightning, etc. There are a number of ways in which a person can simulate such effects, from tracing live-action footage to in-program effects. Organic Influences Organic Influences. Here to create truly memorable animation, motion graphics are bonded with traditional stylised animation. Fun Colors Fun Colors. Not only are artists using more playful and bright colors in 2015, they are also taking a greater notice into the hidden meaning behind the colors they are using. Bold and bright colors are increasing in popularity. Typography Handwritten Fonts Handwritten Fonts. If it’s not immediately obvious, these probably shouldn’t be used for anything but decorative headers. They don’t mix very well with the corporate world, but they’re great for giving an artistic and indie vibe to a business that prides itself on creativity. Letterpress Letterpress. “Letterpress-style” can mean one of two things. The first is known as Photo Overlays Photo Overlays. Text seems to work best when laid over photos that can safely remain in the background: the kind of thing that doesn’t contain any elements that particularly jump out at you, distracting from the text. Ones with muted colors or naturally low contrast, or ones that have been faded a bit, seem to work best. Icon Fonts Icon Fonts. Call them Webdings for the 21st century, if you’d like. They’re the simplest way to generate a set of icons that are simultaneously consistent and easily modifiable, both alone and in batches. Basic Fonts Basic Fonts. With lots of web designers choosing to head back to simple, utilitarian design featuring gimmick-free fonts inspired by Hevletica and Garamond. Also being cast aside are drop shadows and gradients, since those are also no-nos in flat design, and an emphasis on easily scalable type. Character Design Storytelling Storytelling. “For me, the story and characters are the most important, Primtivism Primtivism. “There is something about the ancestral and the primitive that connects with me very much. I feel there’s a great connection between ancient cultures and modern character design — minimalistic forms, simple but very expressive faces, icons of our era.” -  Jaime Alvarez Kawaii Influence Kawaii Influence. Japanese culture also continues to inspire and influence designers like Tado, Nick Hunter, Graciela Goncalves, and Yasmin May Jaafar, to name a few. Character Building Character Building. “A good design tells a lot about the character but it also needs to leave enough room for the imagination not to be boring.” - Paulo Muppet Fashion Florals Florals. It's all too easy to pull out the same petal-strewn dress time and time again or see the same genre of bloom-smothered prints staring back at you from the rails. So shake it up. Take them out of the traditional Kimonos And Robes Kimonos And Robes. Robes and kimonos are the perfect toppers for any outfit, and their generally relaxed fit adds a little bit of casual coolness to an ensemble. Some of our favourites for the season were from Tracy Reese and Thakoon, who presented the trend in sleek satin fabric for an extra luxe feel. Gingham Gingham. Think of it as the new plaid. Or the new polka dot. Gingham is an easy way to add visual interest to an outfit and it comes in so many styles and colors that it works on everyone. Mixing, Contrasting, and Stitching Mixing, Contrasting, and Stitching. Designers show their flair for the eclectic for Spring/Summer 2015, bringing together vintage fabrics, unexpected combinations of prints and textures. The proof is the incredible fabrics at Dries Van Noten, the graphic foliage and florals atMaison Martin Margiela, and Prada's eastern evocations. Printed Tees Printed Tees. Printed tees allow us to bring out our personality in our look, whether that’s through large graphic blocks which can strengthen a look or scattered florals and all over prints which can show off a bit of playful character. Interior Design Inspired by the Beach Inspired by the Beach. When it comes to decorating the home with the flair and cheerfulness of summer, nothing matches the tried and tested beach style. It is simple, easy to work with, and the style will work for you all year long with some minor tweaks. Watercolored Florals Watercolored Florals. Be inspired by artscape, an adaptable trend whose key materials are more focused on textile and surface printing. For the up coming season, the trend factor enhances water-coloured floral designs. Natural Wood Natural Wood. Going green with natural woods can create a gorgeous and earth friendly interior design. Bamboo, wicker and rattan are renewable resources, so they are ideal for anyone looking for a new design for their home that is also environmentally friendly. Bold Patterns/Geometry Bold Patterns/Geometry. With summer approaching, bold and powerful patterns push to the forefront of the interior design world. There are many ways to incorporate bold patterns, for example using wallpaper, cushions, rugs or, as stair runners.
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